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Visa to Sweden

Sweden is a member of the group of countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, and for entry into its territory for citizens of the CIS there is a visa regime. Visas are processed by the consular section of the Embassy of Sweden. You can apply for a visa in person or through a proxy. Pre-registration, as in many visa organizations in other countries, is not required.

For legal entry into the territory of Sweden, several categories of visas are provided:

  • short-term visa C is issued to those who have the purpose of visiting tourism, organizing business, participating in various business, cultural and sports events, meeting with relatives and friends living in the country;
  • the national long-term visa D is issued for a longer visit and is valid only in Sweden.

Short-term visas to Sweden category C – Schengen, they can be single and multiple. Such visas are strictly limited by the terms indicated in the invitation and are valid for no more than 90 days.

For an extended stay in Sweden, you can apply for a visa with an extended validity period, which ranges from one to five years. Such a visa allows you to stay in the country or in the Schengen area from 45 to 90 days within six months.

Visa D is usually valid for 2 years, it allows you to stay in the country for confirmed good reasons up to 365 days. This type of visa does not grant the right to visit the Schengen countries, but only allows transit through them. Obtaining a visa for transit through Sweden is mandatory, such a visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 5 days.

Work or labor visa to Sweden

It is almost impossible to immigrate to Sweden on a work visa. The entire policy of the country is aimed at maintaining and developing its own labor market and neighboring Scandinavian countries. Only specialists in whom employers are interested can get a job in Sweden, and the specialty is included in the Register of shortage professions. A visa can only be issued if these conditions are met.

To obtain a visa for employment, a foreign citizen will have to find himself a Swedish employer. You can apply for a visa after the employer sends a letter with a job offer. Such a letter must ensure that the employee’s salary will not be less than SEK 13,000 before taxes or will be paid under a collective agreement.

If the work is temporary and will take no more than 3 months, then you will need to apply for a visa and a separate work permit. If the term of the employment contract is more than 3 months, then you will need to immediately request a residence permit. For short-term or seasonal employment, many social benefits do not apply to a foreign employee. But taxes and contributions to social funds will need to be paid in full.

Student visa to Sweden

To obtain a student visa to Sweden, you need to meet the requirements that are put forward in this category. Such a visa can be granted:

  • students of short-term training courses;
  • students on interuniversity exchange programs;
  • for studying at a university (university, college);
  • for high school/high school.

You need to apply for a visa at the Swedish Embassy located in the country where the prospective student is located. If the study period is less than three months, then there is no need to issue a residence permit, it is enough to issue a short-term Schengen visa. If the study period exceeds three months, then a visa for a long-term stay for the purpose of study is required.

A student visa does not grant permission to work in Sweden. Those who came on an exchange or courses will not be able to work here. High school students will only have to obtain a work permit during their internship. University students are provided with the opportunity to work without obtaining a special permit.

Relatives who accompany students may apply for a visa and obtain a residence permit for the same period as the student. Such relatives include parents, spouses, minor children, but on the condition that there will be adequate financial support for their stay.

Business visa to Sweden

A business visa to Sweden allows you to travel to all Schengen countries in order to organize business and business cooperation with foreign partners. In order to obtain a visa, you must have an invitation from a person or organization that is registered and operates in Swedish territory.

The visa is issued for the terms specified in the invitation. Such a visa can be single or multiple entry. A single entry is issued for 3 months and you can get it only 1 time in 6 months. After the expiration of the period, you will need to return home and re- apply for a visa after 3 months .

If you need frequent long trips, you can apply for a multiple-entry national visa, which is given for 1 year and does not involve trips to other countries. The visa makes a note about the terms of its validity and fixes the maximum period of stay in Sweden.

The validity period of the visa should be somewhat longer than the duration of the visit, because. the organization of the trip, the purchase of tickets, the purchase of insurance will require additional time. The countdown starts from the day of the first entry into Swedish territory.

You cannot apply for a visa to extend it. If it is necessary to stay longer, an application for a residence permit is submitted. If it is known in advance that the trip will take longer, it is better to immediately apply for a residence permit.

Tourist visa to Sweden

The most common type among all permits to visit the country is a tourist visa to Sweden. Such a visa is a permit for a short-term stay in the Schengen area for no more than 90 days in 6 months. A tourist visa is usually issued for a period not exceeding 21 consecutive days.

To obtain a visa for a tourist trip, you need to contact the Consulate or Embassy of Sweden. Individual tourists can apply for a visa on their own by personally contacting a diplomatic mission. For group trips, it is possible to jointly issue visa documents through a travel agency, if it is accredited at the Embassy.

There are 2 main rules for a tourist visa:

  • the rule of “first entry” (the first must be the country in which the documents for the visa were submitted );
  • the “main country” rule (the time spent in Sweden must be at least 1 day longer than the total time spent in other countries).

Practice shows that if you apply for a visa to Sweden, then, most likely, a single entry visa with strictly limited terms will be issued. Getting a Swedish multi-Schengen is not easy. To do this, there must be a proven need for frequent presence in the country and a good visa history confirming such travel and compliance with all requirements for the last 3 years.

Documents for a visa to Sweden

To obtain a visa , you must submit the following documents to the Embassy of Sweden:

  1. Visa application form (filled online on the embassy website).
  2. A foreign passport with a traditional validity period (at least three months after the end of the visit to the country).
  3. Two photographs 35×45 mm.
  4. Certificate from work or study.
  5. Bank statement (certificate confirming the availability of the required amount on the account or an extract of all transactions).
  6. Proof of a cash amount of EUR 40 or SEK 570 for each day of travel.
  7. Reservation of a place in any hotel in Sweden.
  8. Health insurance valid in the Schengen area.
  9. Booking round trip tickets.

In order for the Embassy / Consulate staff to make a decision in a short time, all required documents for a visa must be provided . The application must detail:

  • planned travel dates;
  • sources of financing expenses while in Sweden (food, accommodation, etc.);
  • where you plan to go after visiting Sweden (guarantees to return home or show permission to stay in the country of the world that you plan to visit).

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