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Visa to England

Any resident of a country that has not entered into a visa waiver agreement planning a visit to the UK must obtain permission to enter the country and apply for a standard visa. Such permission depends on the purpose and duration of the visit.

A short-term visa to England is usually issued for up to 6 months. With this document, you can travel to the country for the purpose of short-term study, visiting relatives or friends, tourism, participation in various events, as well as for the purpose of marriage. A long-term visa is issued if there are documented reasons to stay in the country for more than 6 months.

To obtain a visa , the applicant must be able to score a certain number of points according to the point system that operates in the country. Points are awarded in 4 different categories. For each of the categories, a limited number of visas is set per year.

Registration for a visa takes place electronically on the official portal of the British Consulate. After that, you will need to submit documents for a visa to the diplomatic mission at the appointed time and go through the procedure for providing anthropometric data (fingerprint scanning).

Work or labor visa to England (UK)

In England (Great Britain) there is always a need for qualified specialists in various industries. Therefore, the influx of immigrants to the British labor market is actively encouraged at the government level, which is reflected in both visa and immigration legislation.

You can get a work visa at the invitation of an English employer. Such an invitation is called a “sponsor certificate”, in which a future employee is assigned a unique personal number. A visa is issued for the period specified in the certificate, but not more than 3 years.

For a short stay in the country, you can apply for a temporary visa. Most often, temporary visas are issued by athletes, religious, cultural figures, athletes, pop singers, domestic workers, trainees who need less than 6 months to complete their work.

A work (labor) visa to the UK is issued with reference to a specific employer. To change jobs, you need to apply for a new visa or apply for a special permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Upon dismissal, the issued visa is automatically canceled.

Student visa to England (UK)

UK visa legislation provides for the possibility of issuing several types of visas for persons wishing to receive higher education. Any foreign citizen can apply for a visa . Depending on the goals and duration of training, the following visa documents are distinguished:

  • Student Visitor Visa is issued for up to 6 months for short-term programs. Visas can be obtained by adults and minors. Depending on the conditions of training, it can be single or multiple.
  • The Extended Student Visitor Visa only allows language courses, which can last from 6 to 11 months. Such a visa is not renewable and does not allow you to transfer from one course to another.
  • General Student Visa Tier 4 is a long-term visa for more than 6 months to study at an English college or university. This type of visa allows students to work up to 10 hours per week and is extended as needed.

In order to apply for a visa , you must pass a serious exam, confirming a high level of English proficiency. Parents or guardians of minors between the ages of 4 and 17 can apply for a Child Visa Tier 4 visa. In this case, you will need to get confirmation from the educational institution that this type of visa is required.

Business visa to England (UK)

Such visas are issued to entrepreneurs to ensure business conditions, participation in business events (conferences, seminars, meetings), signing contracts and developing international partnerships.

Persons who:

  • plans to work for hire;
  • provide services or engage in the production of goods;
  • are engaged in other types of entrepreneurial activity, and not in organizing a business.

Persons invited to seminars, trade fairs and other business events, media representatives, translators, employees of international companies, trainees, representatives of the manufacturer, famous people organizing tours or wishing to give interviews, accompanying tourist groups, drivers of international transport and some other categories of foreign citizens.

As a rule, such a visa is issued for 6 months and allows multiple entries into the country. If there are objective reasons, the visa officer may consider issuing a business visa for 1, 2, 5, and in some cases, 10 years. You need to submit documents for a visa to the Border Guard at the British Embassy or Consulate, providing not only an invitation, but also documentary justification for the trip.

Tourist visa to England (UK)

The tourist visa is one of the most popular UK visas. It is provided to foreign citizens for recreation and acquaintance with the sights of this country. You can get a visa for a period of 6 months, but the number of visits is not limited. It is undesirable only to constantly stay in the country during this period, without leaving its borders.

The package, which includes documents for a visa , without fail includes a guarantee of returning to your homeland after the expiration of its validity. You need to confirm the presence of strong family ties, real estate, bank account and other circumstances that will facilitate the return.

Issuing a tourist visa does not provide employment or study opportunities. The absence of such intentions will also have to be proven. You will also need confirmation of financial support for the trip and accommodation in the country, payment for the hotel and the purchase of return tickets.

The time of stay must exactly correspond to the purposes and dates of the trip, which are indicated when filling out the visa application form. A tourist visa is a multivisa with an unlimited number of trips, but the total duration of all visits should not exceed 180 days in one year.

In order to obtain a visa with a long stay, you must have a positive visa history (at least 2 semi-annual visas). A tourist visa can also be single or multiple entry, and which visa to issue in a particular case is decided by the visa officer of the Embassy.

Documents for a visa to England (UK)

A package of documents for an English visa is often formed on an individual basis. All certificates collected will be valid for one month. Therefore, it is necessary to collect documents for a visa , given this circumstance. Dated documents should have dates as close as possible to the dates of the trip to that country.

The standard package of documents includes:

  1. Passport valid for another 6 months after the end of the visit.
  2. Photo 3.5 x 4.5, taken no later than six months before the trip.
  3. Confirmation of solvency (certificates from the bank indicating the movement on the account, sponsorship letters, etc.).
  4. Visa Application. You can apply for a visa only electronically, so you will need to print it out.
  5. Certificate of a standard sample from work or place of study.

It is advisable to provide old passports that contain other visas so that the visa department staff can familiarize themselves with the history of previous trips. If it is indicated that the person who wants to get a visa is working unofficially, then this can be a serious obstacle to obtaining a visa. For British citizens, “salary in an envelope” is tantamount to committing a crime.

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