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Services and Their Cost

Guaranteed Entry Program

We provide legal services for the preparation of documents necessary for the successful acquisition of refugee status.

In the event that there were no problems with visas to European countries or you already have a visa in hand, our services may help you obtain refugee status, even if you, as you think, have no chance of doing so.

We guarantee that you will successfully enter your chosen country and be accepted as a refugee claimant, and the European immigration lawyers cooperating with us will most likely be able to achieve a successful refugee status for you.

The case of a refugee is a story, a biography of the applicant, as well as a package of documents that maximally confirm the veracity of his words. Properly preparing a refugee case means significantly increasing the chances of obtaining refugee status in Europe.

Many applicants mistakenly believe that they will be able to collect documents and prepare a story on their own without the help of lawyers. And they often realize they are wrong too late, when they receive an order to leave the country in which they planned to seek asylum. As a result, the desire to save money leads to the collapse of life plans.

Therefore, we advise all applicants to seek help from lawyers who specialize specifically in immigration issues and refugee status.

The lawyer will tell you what documents are needed, and most importantly, where and how you can get them. Currently, most cases of refugees without such documents are decided by the immigration authorities of European countries with a refusal.

The cost of our services depends on the complexity of preparing your refugee case, the citizenship of the candidate and the number of family members traveling at the same time. Contact us to discuss the cost of services.

Our legal agency will provide the following services:

  • Assess your chances of refugee

    Before you arrive in your destination country:

    • Optimizes your refugee category;
    • Consider your case on an individual basis;
    • Advise you during the preparation of documents;
    • Answer all your questions;
    • Conduct personal consultations by phone or skype;
    • Prepares you for departure to the country of destination.
  • Facilitate your process of arrival and status

    Once you have arrived in your destination country:

    • Prepare, amend and submit your asylum application;
    • Prepare you for an interview with an officer from the refugee department;
  • Facilitate your adaptation in the country

    In order to facilitate your adaptation in the country, we:

    • We will advise you on the issue of obtaining permanent residence status;
    • We will advise you on the issue of obtaining citizenship.
  • Advice from our lawyers

    Our lawyers are ready to answer all your questions regarding obtaining refugee status.


  • We charge a fixed fee (which is usually calculated based on the time our lawyers spend preparing and defending your immigration case).
  • Payment includes all taxes, fees, and is calculated for the whole family, and not for each individual applicant.
  • Some exceptional cases require additional costs. Contact us for more details on payment via email
  • All payments for flights, transfers, hotel reservations are included in the cost of the program and are paid by you additionally.
  • In most cases, we require prepayment prior to the start of the process and your arrival.
  • Many people ask us why our services are cheap compared to other immigration agencies and is this due to the low quality of services? We optimize our own overheads in such a way as to significantly reduce the price: for example, we use the services of lawyers who have been cooperating with us for many years: the advantage of long-term close cooperation entitles us to significant discounts that significantly reduce the price of immigration. Therefore, our services are noticeably cheaper than the average for the CIS.

    Also, we are constantly trying to reduce the cost of our services by reducing the costs within the company for staffing and getting rid of unnecessary expenses. Our mission is to provide an efficient and affordable service to our clients.