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Residence Permit and Permanent Residence in Sweden

To obtain the right to permanent residence in Sweden is a cherished dream of those who pay tribute to the tranquility and stability of this country. To become a citizen of Sweden means to become a resident of a real kingdom, not only by the official name of this state, but in the most vital sense of these words.

The residence permit for foreigners who come to this country can be permanent or temporary. The Swedish authorities are not very willing to accept visitors to their citizenship. Few can get the right to live and work in this country – asylum seekers, married citizens of the Kingdom of Sweden, businessmen, investors, very high-class specialists in various industries.

Residence permit in Sweden

Registration of a residence permit in Sweden is mandatory if there are reasons to stay in the country for more than 90 days. A residence permit is a temporary permit. It can be issued for various periods depending on the circumstances, but most often it is issued for 6 months or for a year. This status allows you to legally stay in the country:

  • employees of foreign companies with branches in Sweden;
  • employees from highly skilled programmers and developers to nursing staff;
  • married to a Swedish citizen or officially recognized cohabitants;
  • students and students of universities, colleges and schools, as well as relatives accompanying them;
  • family reunification program participants;
  • founders and co-owners of Swedish joint-stock companies.

Before granting a residence permit, the authorities study the immigrant’s file in great detail. You need to apply for a residence permit even before arriving in the country at the Embassy / Consulate of Sweden at the place of your registration. The final decision is made not by an employee of the diplomatic mission, but by the Swedish Migration Service, to which all documents are sent.

A residence permit in Sweden gives the right to stay for a strictly defined period of time. With a Swedish residence permit, you can enjoy many rights and social benefits along with those who already have Swedish citizenship. With such a document, it is even allowed to live in the territory of one of the EU countries, but not more than 3 months.

Subject to all the rules and laws of the country, after 5 years, you can start obtaining a permanent residence permit. In some cases (refugee, marriage, etc.) it is possible to become a permanent resident in a shorter time.

Permanent residence in Sweden

The status of a permanent resident of Sweden allows you to live and work in the country for an unlimited period of time. This is a step that brings closer the opportunity to become a citizen of Sweden in the future and receive all the rights and obligations that the inhabitants of this country have.

The terms for obtaining permanent residence in Sweden can be very different, they depend on the type of immigration process and the specific immigration program:

  • Participants of the family reunification program can immediately receive permanent residence;
  • two years will be required for business immigrants;
  • four years of permanent residence are required for employees;
  • five years of residence – for holders of a residence permit.

Citizens of the Nordic Council member states who have lived with a residence permit in Sweden for more than 2 years, residents of other countries after five years of residence in Swedish territory, refugees and stateless persons after four years of residence can apply for permanent residence. Relinquishing previous citizenship is not required – Sweden recognizes the right to remain citizens of one’s own country.

A child born to Swedish parents or a child under the age of 12 who is adopted by a Swedish family can automatically obtain Swedish citizenship . After the age of twelve, citizenship can only be obtained through naturalization.

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