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Residence Permit and Permanent Residence in Spain

It is difficult to get the status of official residence in Spain, but it is worth the effort. Only state bodies are engaged in its appropriation, and no one else can influence this process. In order to be able to obtain a residence permit in Spain , and subsequently a permanent place of residence in this country, you must meet the following basic conditions:

  • own or rent real estate;
  • have the amount of financial resources sufficient for comfortable living;
  • have a “clean” biography, not related to the violation of laws.

To determine the level of financial independence, a special income indicator IPREM is used, taking into account which all social payments are calculated. This is a kind of living wage, showing how much income you need to have monthly in order to qualify for permanent residence in Spain. In 2014, it amounted to 532.5 euros. To start applying for Spanish citizenship , you need to have an income equal to 400% IPREM + 100% IPREM additionally for each family member.

Residence permit in Spain

Assigning the status of a residence permit in Spain provides many advantages in all areas of life: administrative, legal, social. These are free education and family medicine, visa-free Schengen and the opportunity to live not only in Spain, but also in almost all EU countries (except Ireland and the UK).

There are several types of residence permit:

  • student residence (for schoolchildren, students of language and professional courses, students);
  • labor residence with the right to work under a contract or when creating your own business;
  • residence without the right to work (applies to family members of a foreign worker who came with him, wealthy citizens and pensioners).

Depending on the timing and circumstances of their issuance of a residence permit in Spain, there are:

  1. Initial residence permit – issued first for one year, after which it can be extended for another two.
  2. Ordinary – issued after the expiration of a three-year period for another three years.
  3. Permanent residence permit or permanent residence in Spain – if the period of stay is at least 6 years.
  4. Emergency residence permit (issued to refugees).
  5. Residence permit for family reunification.

In 2013, there was another opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Spain – based on a certain amount of investment:

  • purchase of real estate in Spain from 500 thousand euros;
  • purchase of a business from 1 million euros;
  • investments in financial instruments from 2 million euros;
  • acquisition of state bonds from 2 million euros.

To obtain a residence permit, legal documents are required, a good reason to stay in Spain and a good command of Spanish.

Permanent residence in Spain

In most cases , Spanish citizenship can be obtained by going through the immigration process after 10 years of living in the country. But there are a number of exceptions, according to which this duration of this process is significantly reduced:

  • 5 years of waiting apply to refugees;
  • 2 years of waiting – for legally residing immigrants from some countries of Latin America, the Philippines, Andorra, Portugal;
  • 1 year will have to wait for those born in Spain (after 1 year residence permit), persons under guardianship, married to a Spanish citizen for at least 1 year.

Permanent residence status (Residencia Permanente) is an intermediate step on the way to becoming a Spanish citizen . You can get it:

  • having legally and continuously lived in Spain for more than 5 years;
  • permanently residing in Spain and receiving state benefits;
  • by the fact of birth in Spain, having lived for at least 3 years in a row;
  • after 5 years of study at a university when getting a job;
  • persons of Spanish origin who do not have the nationality of the country.

To obtain permanent residence in Spain , one must demonstrate good civic behavior and a high level of integration into Spanish society. Persons who have reached the age of 18 or those who have already reached the age of 14, accompanied by their representative, can submit documents.

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