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Residence Permit and Permanent Residence in France

French legislation obliges to formalize the status of permanent or temporary residence for official stay in the country. To become a resident, you first need to obtain a temporary residence permit, and after five years of permanent residence in the country, subject to a number of conditions, you can apply for French citizenship .

Residence permit in France

A residence permit gives the right to a long stay in France, free movement within the EU countries and many social benefits. It can be issued for various terms (1, 3, 5 and 10 years), is regularly renewed and serves as one of the important grounds for naturalization.

A foreign citizen who has one of the valid reasons for this can obtain a residence permit in France :

  • married a citizen (citizen) of France;
  • bought property in this country;
  • opened his own business;
  • invests heavily in the development of the economy;
  • is an employee of a company accredited in France;
  • got a contract job;
  • is a student at a French university;
  • is a family member of a foreigner legally residing in the country.

Since 2009, before obtaining a residence permit in France, an immigrant first receives a long-term visitor visa, during which all documents for a residence permit are processed. The main requirements for applicants for this status:

  • absence of a criminal record, violations of an administrative nature and open court proceedings;
  • financial security and a stable income in an amount sufficient for a full-fledged living;
  • legitimacy of obtaining all types of income;
  • the presence of purchased or rented real estate.

A residence permit is issued in accordance with the main purposes of being in the country and is divided into several areas of this status:

  1. “Guest” – it is enough to prove the availability of financial means for a comfortable stay in France.
  2. “Student” – you must confirm participation in the educational program.
  3. “Scientist” – is assigned if there is evidence of scientific or teaching activity.
  4. “Artist of culture” – an appropriate contract is required.
  5. “Employee” – you will need to provide an invitation from the employer, an employment contract and a work permit.

There are other areas for obtaining a residence permit in France , for example, self-employment (investors or founders of companies), family reunification, the Au Pair program, various youth training and internship programs, etc. After 5 years of legal residence permit, you can apply for French citizenship.

Permanent residence in France

Not only citizens of the country can have the right to permanent residence. All the signs of permanent residence in France have a long-term residence permit issued to foreigners for ten years, after which you can apply for citizenship and become a citizen of France .

The grounds for obtaining French citizenship are marriage, family reunification, large investments, own business and obtaining political asylum. According to almost all of these criteria, you can apply for a long-term residence status in a year. The same terms apply in other countries that have joined the European Union. If it is difficult to obtain French citizenship , then European citizenship is much easier to obtain in one of the new EU countries.

The chances of permanent residence in France are very high for those who are of particular interest to the country: outstanding scientists, artists, models, athletes, large investors and successful businessmen, citizens of other countries with French roots or relatives who are citizens of France.

Children of immigrants living in the country can obtain citizenship after 5 years of living in its territory. Children also receive the right to citizenship, regardless of their place of permanent residence, if their parents are citizens of the country. The status of a permanent resident of France is a great prospect of living in one of the most stable and culturally interesting countries in the world.

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