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Residence Permit and Permanent Residence in England

It is quite difficult to get the status of a residence permit in England and permanent residence. According to the immigration laws in force in the country, you can legally live in the UK and get citizenship after 5 years. A residence permit can only be issued to foreign nationals who can provide convincing evidence that they are legally in the country and that there are good reasons to continue to stay in its territory.

The main ways to obtain a residence permit and permanent residence in England are:

  • the conclusion of a formal or civil marriage with a person who has British citizenship or permanent resident status;
  • family reunification;
  • teaching political asylum;
  • contract work or starting your own business;
  • significant investment in the economic development of the country.

Residence permit in England (UK)

To enter the country, a visa is first issued, which must correspond to the purpose of the stay (guest, work, student, investor, etc.). After 4 years of stay on such a visa, the restrictions that were during the validity of the visa (for the duration of stay, job search, etc.) are removed and the immigrant receives the status of “final stay”. This status is granted for 12 months, and then you can apply to become a British citizen .

In order not to lose a residence permit, you must very strictly follow the procedure provided for by immigration laws: the terms of extension and stay, the amount of time spent outside the country. During the first year, the right to work or open your own company is granted, and after 4 years of permanent residence, a permanent residence permit in England is issued.

It is usually possible to obtain a residence permit for a different period of time, which depends on each specific situation. If an immigrant receives a residence permit through marriage, then it is quite possible to obtain it after 2 years. If a residence permit is issued through a professional or investor line, then it is necessary to live in the country for 5 years. For other categories of foreign citizens, it is possible to obtain a residence permit, and then British citizenship , if you live in the country legally for 10 years or illegally for 14 years. Having received a residence permit, it will not be possible to leave the country during the entire period of its validity for more than 24 months (in total for the entire period of stay).

Documents for a residence permit are considered for 3-4 months, after which the appropriate status is assigned. It is quite easy to lose him, because. at the slightest violation, the immigration services immediately begin an investigation, which in most cases leads to deportation and sending back to their homeland.

Permanent residence in England (UK)

You can get permission from the authorities for permanent residence in England after living in the country in the status of a residence permit. If a citizen of another country was in the country illegally, then you still need to prove the fact of his stay in the UK. The government is committed to ensuring that foreigners successfully integrate into British society and play a significant role in it.

Since 2007, those who wish to become a British citizen must pass a special exam on knowledge of the traditions and life in this country. You can take such a test an unlimited number of times, and its results will be valid for an unlimited period of time. People under 18 and over 65 do not need to take this test.

All immigration programs make it possible to obtain permanent resident status for those who fulfill all the conditions for its granting:

  • has no outstanding convictions;
  • did not commit any offences;
  • does not fall under visa restrictions;
  • resides in the country for at least 5 years;
  • by the time of filing documents for permanent residence, he had not left the country for 9 months.

Getting permanent residence in England , and after that British citizenship is a real opportunity to use all levels of state social protection, free healthcare and get a cheaper education, and most importantly, to live in one of the most successful and stable countries in the world.

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