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Residence Permit and Permanent Residence in Denmark

Denmark is a country located in one of the most developed regions of Europe. A stable economy and a high standard of living have always attracted people from other countries who would like to live permanently in this country, work and receive a good salary, and, if necessary, enjoy state social support.

The periods of residence required to obtain the right to reside and citizenship in Denmark are much shorter than in many EU countries. Getting a temporary or permanent residence permit, and subsequently a Danish civil passport, is a very real thing, but you will have to go the hard way towards your dream.

Residence permit in Denmark

In order to apply for citizenship, you must first live in the country on legal grounds for a certain period of time. Consideration of the issue of granting the status of a residence permit is within the competence of the Immigration Service. The main categories of foreigners who can apply to become a Danish citizen are refugees, family reunification program participants, employees, entrepreneurs, investors.

According to the laws, foreign citizens can apply for a residence permit in Denmark if they are going to stay in the country for more than three months (except for seasonal work). To obtain it, you must prove the availability of finances, which will be enough for a full-fledged stay in the country. We will have to justify the need for a long stay.

A residence permit is issued first for a period of 1 year, and if the circumstances of its receipt do not change, then it is further extended. You can apply for a permanent residence permit in Denmark only after a few years, subject to continuous stay in the country. The immigration authorities necessarily take into account the degree of integration of a foreigner into Danish society (availability of work and permanent income, real estate, knowledge of the language).

If the residence permit was obtained fraudulently (inaccurate information was provided or the immigrant was included in the Schengen unified system of unwanted persons), then the residence permit is canceled. It can also be canceled if during the period of its validity the foreign citizen did not live at the address indicated in the document.

Permanent residence in Denmark

To obtain Danish citizenship, a foreigner must live in the country for 10 years. In most cases, a residence permit is issued first, and after 3 years of stay, permanent residence can be issued. This status is granted to refugees, close relatives of citizens living in Denmark, professionals who have received permanent jobs in the country, investors and businessmen.

The conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Denmark are:

  • the presence of a permanent or temporary job (own business);
  • passing the Danish language exam;
  • absence of tax debts and debts on social contributions;
  • strict observance of the law and no criminal record.

It is impossible to obtain the right to permanent residence if a foreign citizen entered the country on a visitor or tourist visa and wants to stay there forever. To become a Danish citizen , you need to live legally for two years (study, work, business, marriage), and then another seven years with a residence permit and only then apply for citizenship.

After assigning this status, a state health insurance card is issued, which allows you to receive medical care free of charge. Danish insurance is valid in all EU countries and covers the most basic risks. A new resident of the country also receives other benefits that all Danish citizens enjoy: free language courses, the ability to freely travel around the Schengen countries and Scandinavia, take a bank loan on favorable terms, and quickly obtain a visa to any state.

Denmark is very serious about not having to support dependents. To obtain permanent residence and citizenship, you will need to prove the availability of housing and funds for living. A significant plus will be the presence of a stable, well-paid job or a successful business, as well as the opportunity to make large investments.

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