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Residence Permit and Permanent Residence in Austria

In order to be able to legally stay in Austria for a certain time or without time restrictions, the country’s legislation provides for several possibilities: obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit, as well as a real prospect of becoming an Austrian citizen. To obtain citizenship, except in special cases, you need to live in the country continuously for more than 30 years. Obtaining permanent residence and residence permit in Austria is an easier way that requires much less time.

Residence permit in Austria

Citizens of foreign countries outside the EU are required to obtain a residence permit in order to obtain an official residence permit in Austria. This opportunity can be provided to the following categories:

  • contracted specialists;
  • senior (key) employees of international corporations;
  • self-employed persons;
  • outstanding figures of science, sports and culture;
  • students and pupils;
  • investors and wealthy citizens;
  • who came under the family reunification program.

The issuance of a residence permit in Austria is regulated by annual quotas, which the government determines for each federal state. They show how many foreign citizens will be employees and how many will work independently.

The main categories for obtaining a residence permit:

  1. Employment (non-self-employed key labor force). In this category, several thousand quotas are issued every year. The main criteria for obtaining a residence permit are:
    • availability of education listed in Austria;
    • the relevance and importance of the type of activity;
    • lack of applicants from among the citizens of Austria and the EU;
    • the proposed salary after taxes must be at least 2,800 euros;
    • availability of health insurance valid in the country.

      Processing time is 2-3 months.

  2. Own business (self-employed key workforce). This is the most common way to obtain a residence permit in Austria . The requirements for him are the same, but instead of a salary certificate, you must provide information about your monthly income (at least 5 thousand euros). You will also need to confirm the usefulness of the business for the selected area (federal land).

    Processing time 2-6 months.

  3. Financial independence (private residence permit). Such permission is given to wealthy citizens who have significant financial resources in an Austrian or European bank. Under this category of immigrants, the government allocates small quotas (a few dozen).

    Processing time is 2-4 months.

Permanent residence in Austria

The right to permanent residence gives registration of permanent residence in Austria. This status is granted with obtaining a long-term residence permit or obtaining Austrian citizenship. The most common way to become a permanent resident of the country is to live for 10 years in its territory with a temporary residence permit.

The most desirable candidates for permanent residence in Austria are representatives of the business elite. For this category, the procedure for obtaining citizenship and permanent residence is greatly facilitated. They do not need to look for Austrian roots or look for other ways of naturalization.

In most cases, Austria does not recognize dual citizenship and in order to become an Austrian citizen , one must renounce the previous one.

Exceptions are made only for outstanding personalities of world importance, large investors and businessmen, subject to the creation of jobs, who have received refugee status, who have dual citizenship by birth.

The main conditions for long-term or permanent residence in the country are:

  • positive attitude towards Austria as a democratic country;
  • lack of contacts with unfriendly countries;
  • compliance with the laws not only during your stay on its territory, but also the absence of a criminal past in your native country;
  • a stable financial position that allows you to support a family and pay fairly high taxes;
  • knowledge of the German language at a good level.

It should be noted that obtaining Austrian citizenship is quite difficult. Therefore, an easier way would be to obtain a permanent residence permit or a permanent extension of a residence permit in this country.

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