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Immigration to Sweden

Sweden has been an immigrant country for quite a large part of its history. This led to the fact that a significant part of its citizens found themselves outside of it. Recently, the country’s government has been pursuing an active immigration policy in order to attract qualified personnel from abroad to the country and return those who had previously left it to live and work in other countries.

Swedish immigration policy

Sweden has signed and ratified all international acts and conventions that relate to migration and assistance to refugees. The admission and integration of foreigners who have arrived in the country is carried out in accordance with the local laws “On Foreigners” (1989) and “On Combating Ethnic Discrimination in the Workplace” (1999).

The Migration Department established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deals with immigration issues. The main functions of this state body are as follows:

  • accepting refugees and granting asylum;
  • issuance of permits to visit the country and stay in it;
  • granting Swedish citizenship;
  • assistance in the integration of foreigners;
  • the international cooperation.

Since 1998, integration into Swedish society has been dealt with by a special Department at the Swedish Ministry of Culture.

The principles of immigration policy for citizens of the Scandinavian countries are determined by the “Northern Agreement”, which was signed in 1954. Thanks to active cooperation, a pan-Scandinavian labor market has been created, where representatives of 5 Scandinavian countries can work freely without issuing work and residence permits.

Opportunities and prospects for immigration to Sweden

Sweden has become a model of abundance, prosperity, economic stability and tranquility for many. This is a very modern country with a wide range of democratic freedoms and social guarantees for its citizens. Swedish immigration law is considered one of the strictest in Europe. This is especially true for labor migration and refugee status.

The easiest and most reliable way to become a Swedish citizen is to get married. In this case, after a short immigration procedure, the spouse automatically receives a residence permit and a work permit. Realizing the high likelihood of fictitious marriages for the purpose of obtaining citizenship, the government takes serious measures to detect them, although the laws of the country do not provide for punishment for fictitious marriages.

Quite often, a residence permit and permanent residence in Sweden is issued under family reunification programs. To do this, it is enough to have family ties with a citizen of the country or a person who has a residence permit. The reunification procedure has been worked out very clearly and this method is perhaps the most reliable for immigration to the Kingdom of Sweden.

It is practically impossible to obtain the status of permanent residence, and even more so the citizenship of the country, through professional immigration. The legislation does not even provide for normative acts regulating this process. The only opportunity is given to those who have a profession in short supply for the country, included in a special list.

Recently, the direction of business immigration has been actively stimulated, because. the country began to need those. who can fill social and pension funds. To immigrate through the creation of their own business or investment is quite within the power of those who have the necessary funds for this.

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