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How to Immigrate to Sweden

For many residents of other countries, Sweden is the standard of peace and prosperity. The country has a fairly strict immigration policy and the dream of emigrating to Sweden may not be feasible for many. However, for some categories of foreigners, there are quite real ways to leave and stay in this European country.

To move to Sweden for permanent residence, you can use several completely legal ways:

  • to marry a Swedish citizen or marry a Swedish citizen;
  • reunite with relatives living in Swedish territory;
  • find a contract job;
  • create your own company in Sweden or buy a ready-made business;
  • get an education and a job in accordance with it.

One possible way is to grant asylum, but in reality it is almost impossible to obtain refugee status. The Immigration Services and the Refugee Department have very serious requirements for those who want to immigrate to Sweden in this way.

Obtaining refugee status in Sweden

In general, Sweden’s immigration policy has a pronounced humanitarian focus. If the candidate for asylum meets all the criteria, then such protection will certainly be provided. But given that migration to Sweden is huge, the status applicant will need to go through a complex immigration process.

While waiting for a decision, refugees are placed in special centers where they are provided with the necessary assistance: medical care, food, assistance in purchasing clothing and essentials. Translation services are required. Particular attention is paid to the protection of women and children.

The procedure for granting refugee status is regulated by the “Law on Aliens” and international conventions for the protection of the rights and freedoms of refugees. These pieces of legislation define the eligibility criteria, the categories of persons and the rules for granting protection. A person can immigrate to Sweden as a refugee if he proves that he is being persecuted in his homeland and his return there poses a real threat to life and health.

An application for refugee status is at the same time a request for a residence permit. If the authorities do not find sufficient grounds for granting asylum, then a decision is made on deportation. It is impossible to leave for Sweden and quickly obtain this status. Most often, the review process takes from 6 to 12 months.

Marriage to a Swedish citizen

To obtain a permanent residence permit, you can marry a citizen of the country or a person who has a residence permit in Sweden. This is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to immigrate to Sweden , which gives you the right to apply for Swedish citizenship.

This method is considered the most reliable option, because. all other methods involve long waiting times and more complicated procedures. To formalize the relationship, you can enter the country on a bride/groom visa or get married in your own country and then leave for Sweden as an official wife/husband.

You need to wait for a residence permit in your country, you will need to pass an interview at the Embassy. The answers will be compared with those of the spouse in Sweden. The decision usually comes in 2 months. It should be borne in mind that such an opportunity to emigrate to Sweden promises a lot of unpleasant moments associated with checking the reality of relations.

The immigration services will check the marriage for fictitiousness for another 2 years, and only after a positive conclusion is the right to permanent residence granted. If after 3 years the marriage has not broken up, it will be possible to apply for citizenship. If the couple is already divorced, the waiting period for such an opportunity is extended to 5 years.

Reunion with relatives

Under Swedish law, spouses and children under the age of 18 are considered close relatives. In some cases, they may also include parents whose children live in Sweden on a permanent basis. An important circumstance in order to immigrate to Sweden through the family reunification program is living together and running a household in your home country.

If such a fact is documented, the Migration Department can immediately issue permanent residence. In all other cases, a residence permit status is assigned for 12 months, which must be renewed for 2 years. After the joint residence of relatives during this period, a permit for permanent residence is given.

Persons planning to leave for Sweden to be reunited with relatives must apply in their country of residence. The law defines the following categories of immigrants who can take part in this program:

  • reunited with their partners;
  • children under 18 who are reunited with their parents or other close relatives;
  • persons living in a civil (including same-sex) marriage;
  • other close relatives on the condition of joint housekeeping at home;
  • relatives who require care due to age or illness (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts).

Migration to Sweden through reunification is the most numerous and active. This is due to the fact that the laws of the country in this matter are much more liberal than, for example, in Germany or Holland. Having received a permanent residence permit, an immigrant acquires all the rights of the inhabitants of the country and reliable protection of his interests.

Working in Sweden and the prospects of staying in the country

If you are considering emigrating to Sweden on a professional basis, then this is one of the most difficult ways. The laws of the country do not allow the use of foreign labor to regulate the domestic labor market.

Recently, Sweden has begun to take measures that will help ease some of the harsh requirements for foreign workers. The aging of the local population and the decline in the birth rate have led to the fact that even the country’s well-developed economy is experiencing serious difficulties in paying a large number of pensions and social benefits. In this regard, labor migration to Sweden has quite favorable prospects in the very near future.

To obtain permission to enter, stay and work, you need to contact the Embassy / Consulate of Sweden in your country. It is quite difficult to find a job abroad while staying at home, but the development of Internet communications allows you to conduct interviews with an employer remotely, which greatly simplifies the task of leaving for Sweden .

If there is a profession that is in short supply for the country, a high level of professionalism in the developing fields of science, economics and technology, then labor immigration to Sweden is a great way to get permanent resident status in it, not the name of family ties with the inhabitants of this country. Foreign workers are issued a residence permit for 1-2 years, during which it is impossible to change the employer. After 4 years, you can apply for permanent residence.

Business immigration to Sweden

Sweden has created very attractive conditions for opening your own business or a branch of a foreign company. Immigration to Sweden of business people who will make a significant contribution to the economy is strongly encouraged and supported. The country has the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. And investments in business can be made without restrictions and fees.

Restrictions apply only to the type of organized enterprise. Foreigners can only create limited liability companies or joint-stock companies of an open type. You can leave for Sweden and get an initial residence permit if you have 50% of the shares of a local company and funds for living for the whole family of a businessman. It is also necessary to speak Swedish and English at a very good level.

The trial period lasts for 2 years, after its completion, you can apply for permanent residence. The Migration Department will constantly monitor the efficiency and profitability of the business, evaluate the feasibility of the provided business plan and the opening of new jobs. The family of a businessman or investor also receives, after arrival, the right to work and a temporary residence permit.

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