World Emigrant


Cooperation with our company

We offer a commission program to our regional representatives. For each client referred to us, we pay our agents a one-time remuneration in the amount of 300 euros.

Since we are focused on long-term cooperation and are interested in expanding the circle of clients, we have developed a progressive reward system for agents. Therefore, the more productive your work is and the longer you work with us, the higher your commission payments will be.

If you are a citizen of one of the following countries, we are interested in you as our representative.

We have created a unique program for our representatives around the world, which allows not only to work and study in one of the largest immigration agencies, but also to play a significant role in expanding the network of our agencies.

If you are enterprising, resourceful and hardworking, you can make a career with us. From the very beginning of your work, you will become a member of our team. We will train you, familiarize you with all immigration programs and the structure of the company.

Cooperating with us, you enlist the support of a friendly and professional team. You will be provided with comprehensive support, they will gladly share their experience and knowledge. We have no competition among employees, since everyone is interested in expanding the company.
Come and earn with us!